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The student manuals are now free. They have been rebuilt into saveable, printable, internet formats so that believers anywhere in the world can obtain them. In the past written gospel materials incurred heavy shipping costs. Now loose-leaf PDF pages have taken their place and these are available on the page here:  Print as many as needed for your gathering, and as often as required. Most lessons fit a single A4 sheet of paper printed back-to-back, and can be kept neatly in a standard folder.


However 'Rock Leaders Manual' requires payment. A PDF version is provided at no charge to read, but a reasonable donation obtains a quality, full colour, gloss covered book. See below.

'Rock Leaders Manual' (PDF version) is the free answer set and 'how-to-use' for Rainbow, River, and Rock study series. Read here or download PDF. Print back to back on standard size paper and staple. (90 pages)

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'Rock Leaders Manual' (Published book) is the full answer set and 'how-to-use' for Rainbow, River, and Rock study series. Beautifully coloured and bound and delivered when you give sufficient to cover our printing and shipping expenses. Contact us to provide your postal details, then donate using the button.

​(Suggested donation US$20 to $40)

'Rainbow Handout' is a helpful leaflet for handout door to door when the Rainbow series is being used in direct evangelism. Letterbox a street and come back several days later. Ask people if they would like to do a program about the Christian faith. Ask if you can meet with them in their house to go through an easy­-to­-understand course that is provided free.

"Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock."

(Matthew 7:24)

Mount Cook as viewed from lake Pukaki.

(Mackenzie region - New Zealand)

​​​​​'Free Studies Handout.' Have you appreciated having these resources for your evangelistic and teaching ministry?  Please print this pamphlet on A4 size paper and give to home group leaders and other pastors who may be likewise blessed. Email missionaries and national pastors with this PDF attached. Thank you.

'Completion Certificate.' There are in total thirty-six Bible studies in Rainbow, River and Rock series. Many of them require two sessions to complete. So, students who complete the course deserve an attractive certificate acknowledging their accomplishment. This PDF looks great on embossed card, dated and signed by the pastor.

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