Yep - us!

Yep - us!

'Just thought we would put together a few photos to help you get to know us a little better.


This is us now. The picture with Wallace (left) is a few more years back. We live in a small Waikato rural town - just ordinary people - not far down the road from here.

Would you like to know the secret to happiness? Hover over the top-right picture.

"I remember - 35 years ago ..."

That's what Chris used to say, mimicking the sentimental old reminiscences of someone, somewhere. Well, now it's happened! Us at our wedding reception in '68.

We've been best friends for all these years. 'You want to know how? This might help to explain.

Or maybe this.


"The fields are white!"

So we went to Bible College to train for the ministry.

That's us at graduation - end 1970.

(Christian Life Bible College.
Lower Hutt. New Zealand)

"Raisin' a little family"

Chris, Maureen, Carmel, Nathan and Aaron.
And sure, we normally smile but this must of been one of those days!


All I Know about Moths

There are many myths about moths.
There are big moths and small moths,
Thin moths and thick moths,
Carpet moths and socks moths,
And all other cloth's moths.

Metamorphosis in moths takes months.
This is because moths' mothers must be betrothed,
And thought given to baby moths' food and clothes.
But in the right climate and proper moth weather,
It should result in a Martha moth, Matthew, Garth, Ruth and Heather.

A misconception about moths without an iota of truth
Is the theory that bright lights attract the moth youth.
Thence the thought that uncouth youth amongst moths exist;
But eminent entomologist, Professor F. Frith,
Said that this was another monstrous moth myth!

The immeasurable mish mash amassed about moths
Moves me to mirth and raises my wrath.
Quote Frith, "One would think with what higher learning hath,
Of theorems, theology, physics and math's,
And months memorizing ancient Greek myths,
That more would be known about little lost moths."

I like moths.
I had a pet moth once: his name was Seth.
And I throb when I think of Seth's tragic moth death.
'Hit his head on a light bulb - fell in a bottle of Meths,
And struggled with desperate besotted last breaths.
I lifted Seth by the thorax out of the foul froth,
And wrote with tears these truths of all I know about moths.

"Writin' a little poetry"

That was terrible Chris.
Has Maureen written anything?

Okay, try here.

"Preachin' a little gospel"

At about mid-point in our ministry.

No, we didn't build a mega-church or fill a football stadium. Just obeyed God and played our part.   And that is what builds the kingdom: - a good God, good news, and people like you - people like us.

So don't give up brother, sister.


"So who is the fisherman then?"

Maureen bakes the loaves and Chris catches the trout (if he's lucky)  And there's more than 2 fishes where this one came from upstream from here.
Believe it!


"May we pray for you?"

Would you like to contact us for any reason?  If you want prayer or need to talk privately to someone send an email.

Thanks for getting to know us,

Chris and Maureen


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