Statement of Faith

Marsden cross, Oihi Bay, marks the spot where the gospel was first preached in New Zealand.
(Bay of Islands - New Zealand)

Statement of Faith

The Bible:
The Bible is the inspired Word of God, is authoritative and reliable and reveals the Way, the Truth and the Life to all who read it.

There is one true and living God. He is infinite, eternal, unchanging, and is revealed to us in tri-unity as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The human race is created in the image of God and of inherent worth to Him. However mankind is corrupted by sin, separated from God, and must be born again.

Humanity is headed to destruction but God has provided a way of escape. This salvation is neither deserved nor earned but given freely to all who accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour and God.

Jesus Christ:
Jesus Christ came into this world to save it. He was conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary - God in human flesh. He lived a blameless life then offered himself as the final and perfect sacrifice.

Reconciliation between man and God was achieved at the cross. His blood satisfied God's justice paying penalty for the sin of the world. His righteousness is credited to those who believe.

Jesus Christ rose bodily from the dead on the third day showing himself to his disciples with irrefutable proof, and then ascended into heaven where he rules at the Fathers right hand.

Holy Spirit:
The Holy Spirit is of one essence with the Father and the Son. His work is to draw men and women to repentance, regenerate their spirit, lead into sanctified living, and empower the Church to serve God.

The Church:
The Church is that body of people whose lives have been regenerated by the Holy Spirit, the proof of which is their love for one another and their public confession of Jesus Christ as Saviour and God.

Believers Hope:
Our Lord will come again at which time the dead in Christ will rise to life and the mortal bodies of those still living will be changed to live eternally with Him.


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